About Me

About Me

You’d probably be thinking that my profile page photo above looks diplomatic as it could get. Well, in a digital age when Public Relations is key to shaping one’s own public image, I thought of making use of my only-professional-looking photo to promote myself through this blog.

Now, you may now be curious to understand what is this blog about and why (am I wasting my time on this):

I’ve long been having the idea of writing up on my personal experiences on South Asia, and at last am I pushing myself out of my comfort zone to create this blog. So here, I intend to narrate my stories, views and activities in and around South Asia. As a South Korean growing up, studying and working in South Asia for almost a decade, the lens through which I recount my experiences, will hopefully be interesting and refreshing to you.

Since I brought up about my background, some maybe curious to know more. I hate to write a very clichéd bio but it would nonetheless be helpful to contextualise my articles so here it is:

My story with South Asia began when I first moved to New Delhi, India at age 11 with my family. There, I went to a small English-medium school in my neighbourhood for three years where I learned to speak Hindi and got myself acquainted with Indian culture. Then, after studying in the United States and Korea, I came back to Delhi to pursue BA(Hons) French at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Subsequently, I was a Clarendon Scholar at University of Oxford where I read MSc Contemporary India.

Following my graduation from Oxford, I worked in foreign policy think tanks in India and the United States, and also was a research assistant in the International Relations of South Asia at Oxford. Currently, I am working for South Korean Embassy in Bangladesh and trying to hone my rudimentary Bangla skills during my stay in Dhaka.

So, that’s about my introduction. Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy reading my blog. If you want to get in touch with me, you can click onto my social media accounts below. I’d love to get connected with people who have similar interests and passion!


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